Hi, I'm Hannah Picard!

I believe that God has divine appointments for each of us. I believe you are on this website for a purpose. I hope we can discover that purpose together.

I have an uncontainable desire of purpose to encourage others to live a life of praise so they can experience peace, purpose, and joy that God brings in the midst of life’s circumstances – the up's, down's and all-arounds! 


First and foremost, I love Jesus! :) Over 35 years ago, I decided to follow Him. Following Jesus has led me to this time and purpose of Praise Coaching. 

In April 2007, I was going through some major life shifts and was having my own “pity party” when the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to turn my pity into praise - “calling attention to His greatness” instead of giving the enemy, satan, a foothold in my life. So, I did! I threw my first “Praise Party” in April 2007.

My spirit of pity was changed to a spirit of praise as God began to teach me a discipline of “praise rhythms” to add to my life. My life was transformed. It didn’t mean my all circumstances were different, though some prayers were answered :), but for sure my perspective of the circumstances changed.

In February 2008, tragedy struck our family. My only sister, Molly, died of an accidental overdose leaving my little niece and nephew behind.  Prayer and support were there for her along her journey, but in the end she made choices that were only hers to make. The grief of Molly’s death and unanswered prayer could have thrown me off course, but praise, calling attention to God’s greatness, even in grief and sorrow, helped me overcome this hurdle of loss and trust God at each turn.

In January 2010, God placed this ministry, Made to Praise, upon my heart. Made to Praise is a ministry that helps men and women overcome the hurdles of life by learning to call attention to God greatness in practical ways so they can live with true peace, joy and purpose.  

I have faced many hurdles in my life and praise has helped me overcome! I have faced leadership challenges, disappointments, heartbreak, betrayal, family challenges, unexpected deaths of dear friends, unexpected transitions, and more. God has been my GREAT Guide and Comforter and is teaching me how to praise Him through it all. 

Like most women, I desired a husband and family, but was content in the place God had me. During an unplanned trip to Ohio in December 2017 and a visit with a friend, God brought Jonny, a Jesus-loving man,  into my life when I was 41.  Shortly after we were married, I got pregnant. We were at a routine doctor’s visit when they told us my birth sac had broken and there was no amniotic fluid that is necessary for lung development. We were encouraged to terminate our baby’s life. With faith and obedience amidst fears and uncertainty, we chose to praise God and trust Him for the outcome while I carried him as long as I could. Asher is now in pre-school, thriving and healthy. 

I know I will face more hurdles, but praise is power, God's power to transform us so we can thrive and not just survive the hurdles of life. As a result of this transformation in my life through praise, God has stirred in me a desire and purpose to share with other believers and unbelievers how much God loves us and is real and active in our day-to-day lives. 

I love working with each of my clients and seeing the transformations God is doing in private praise coaching and now am so excited to be able to go even beyond this and offer the Power of Praise Online Course for men and women to experience the Power of Praise on their own time and at their own pace while having access to a community of other believers on the same journey.  Please take a few minutes to watch this free informational webinar. If the time is not right for you, maybe you know someone else you think would be encouraged to know more. Please share!   

I do not believe in coincidence, but divine moments and appointments. I am honored that you have take time to learn more about me and the call on my life,  we are Made to Praise!

All Blessings! 



Master's of Science in Special Education; Syracuse University 

Campus Ministry Leadership; Athletes in Action/CRU

Director of Small Groups; Destiny Worship Center

Freedom Ministry Director; Destiny Worship Center

Local Church Family; Dayton Christian Life Center 


Email: [email protected]
hone: 850-797-6352