If you are thinking you might want a life coach, counselor or another type of support in your life, I'd encourage you to put Praise Coaching into the mix. It's a new approach in the world of mental health and coaching and the results speak for themselves. You'll be amazed at how God's perspective can shift so much and often times so quickly. 

I am always amazed at how God meets each client so personally! 
Zoom/Facetime Sessions or in-person availability in the Dayton OH area!  EMAIL  [email protected] or text 850-797-6352 to schedule your first session or join me for the 6 session Power of Praise personal experience! 

"When I met Hannah, I was looking for a life coach…someone who could help me through a transitional phase of my life. I had never heard of a praise coach before but God knew exactly what I needed when he introduced us through mutual friends. I’ve been saved since I was four years of age but honestly never thought much of “praising” and I certainly didn’t understand the importance of it in my daily walk with God. Hannah uses simple yet life-changing tools to help her clients tap into the power of praise. I found so much peace and strength by walking through what Hannah calls the “rhythms” of praise. I can now see “praising” in a whole new light. When I’m praising, I’m focusing on God rather than focusing on myself which puts all things in perspective and builds my faith. Thanks to the Power of Praise sessions, I don’t worry about my future or the daily stresses of life. Oh they come…they’ll always be there but now I battle those principalities and powers with the POWER OF PRAISE and I’m growing stronger because of it! Speaking the promises of God, believing them and praising Him for fulfilling them ALL enables me to live my best life. If you want to deepen your relationship with God and tap into His power in your life, then POP is for you!"  - Dawn 

"Real steps of personal transformation has occurred over these six sessions of praise coaching. The Lord has seen me and showed His character to me while revealing brokenness, selfishness, and practical ways to give my cares and unrepentant sin to Him. I’ve enjoyed many practical tools that Hannah has brought to the experience which have made it celebratory, hands-on, full of connection, and memorable. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!!" - Amy