Power of Praise Online Experience




"Your work is powerful and could change the world! I see God through a different lens now and my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness. When we live a life of praise with the realization of Who God is and what He does in our lives, it is impossible not to trust Him, even in the difficulties." 
- Elaine Miller,  Author of "Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo" 

God will use these six powerful video sessions to help you navigate the hurdles of life with greater joy, peace and hope in Him!

Praise Coaching is a God-centered approach to transformation where God’s greatness, His great EVERYthingness collides with your day to day life to bring perspective shifts that will transform your life. 

It’s a Biblical, personalized, and practical approach for helping Christians thrive and not just survive spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, & professionally.


Together in this experience we will explore the transformational building blocks of praise!

God’s Love for You
God’s Redemption Story in Your Life
God’s Still Small Voice
God’s Living and Active Word
God's Sovereign Ways 
Living a Life of Praise

Whether you've walked with God for 50 years
or just 5 days this experience is for you!


  • 6 powerful and practical video sessions with your Praise Coach, ME!  
    *A new session will be available each week.  You are welcome and encouraged to go at your own pace and take the time you need between each session. 
  • Simple tools and resources for growing in PRAISE in all spaces of life: Transitions, good times, hardships, singleness, marriage, parenting, ministry, leadership and more!
  • Prayer during each session
  • “Praise Days” (my version of fun homework) between sessions 
  • Private Community support as needed and desired. 
  • Encouragement to call attention to God’s greatness in you and all around you!

Join Me Today!

I always want Made to Praise to reflect God's heart of generosity and intentionality. I desire for every opportunity developed within the ministry to be available for ALL who desire to learn more and grow in living a life of praise no matter what amount of investment can be made. The Power of Praise experience is the same regardless of the amount invested.

I encourage you to take a moment now and listen for how the Lord wants you to invest in your experience. Listening is part of the journey of praise and He is faithful to speak. Give with an expectant heart of praise, He is our Great Provider! 

SPECIAL GIFT: If you or someone you know wants to experience this life changing course but the money just isn't available (I get it, times are tough!), please email me at [email protected] and and I'd love to give you the gift of praise - it's truly priceless!








For making an investment of any amount using Paypal, Venmo or Zelle: Made to Praise @madetopraise. Please email me at [email protected] for sign up.