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Made to Praise Ministries is a unique and powerful ministry equipping women to call attention to God's greatness in practical ways so we can experience more of His peace, joy and healing in our lives.

It's time for a new approach to growing, healing and living our lives for God!  Let's say goodbye to anxiety, guilt, striving, doubt, and overwhelm!

"Your work is powerful and could change the world. I see God through a different lens now and my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness. Thank you, Hannah!" - Elaine


Hannah leaves no stone unturned and gets to the heart of your woes, all while making sure we end with praise to the One who sees us through it all. Power of Praise was what I needed when I doubted Christ in my troubles.” - Tiana

“I finished my coaching sessions a few months ago & am continuing to benefit from the results. I have a level of joy I've never experienced before &  it has positively effected how I respond to people, disappoin-tment, & frustration." - Nicole



Six Powerful Video Coaching Sessions 

Power of Praise is an experience that is transforming women's lives!  

A little different than many other coaching and counseling programs that begin and end with you, this Praise Coach approach begins and ends with the our great God!
This makes all the difference!  

It's on your own time, at your own pace, and in your own comfortable space.
Or! Can be done in a group with girlfriends!  



Hi, I'm Hannah Picard!

I'm a Praise Coach and I have been using the unique and incredible strategy of praise through the ups, downs and all-arounds of life over the past 10 years. God has used praise to transform my life! 

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